Apple Watch vs. Lige Watch: Which smartwatch brand should you buy?

Apple watch vs. Lige watch can be hot comparsion for the tech persons out there. The vast majority will go for Apple watch because of the trend. But there are come spaces which are filled better by Lige smartwatches.


This thing indeed comes with the need and personal choices, but still, some points may be made or break things for you only if you are a first-time smartwatch user.


In this blog, I will tell you all the unique points of both smartwatch brands. I hope you understand your need in the smartwatch by reading this blog about the Apple watch vs. the Lige watch. I am sure that after reading this blog you will think twice and ask this question again

that which smartwatch should you buy?

Apple Watch vs. Lige Watch: History and Parental company


There is a significant role in knowing the company's history before buying its products. The all-time king product has the sleek legacy of perfections that continue for years, like the Apple Watch. Whereas, some newly formed brands can do a lot within few years, like Lige Watches.


The Apple watch was invented in 2014. The Apple Watch was named one of Time magazine's "Best 25 Inventions of 2014" list. Reviewers described it as "beautiful, clever, entertaining, extendable... an object of genuine desire".


A GPS and a brighter display were enhancements and improvements made to the Apple Watch Series 2. The Apple Watch Series 2 was identical in appearance and felt to the original.


According to TechRadar, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the most advanced smartwatch available on the market. With time, continuous innovations and alterations have made the Apple watch series 7 one of the most innovative watches on planet Earth.

However, the first Lige watch, which debuted on the market in April 2013, was the first in the world to do so. The Guangzhou Lige Watch Co., Ltd. is responsible for the production of all Lige timepieces.


Since July 2017, the Lige brand has been registered as a trademark in over 100 countries across the globe. LIGE's parent business is Shenzhen Kaiser International Trade Co., which is based in Shenzhen, China.


The Lige smart watches IP68 and IP67 has made considerable improvements over time, making them one of the leading smartwatch manufacturers of the world.



Apple Watch vs. Lige Watch: Models and Prices


Apple watches have always been among the high-end watch manufacturers. Whereas, Lige watches, being a Chinese brand, are always on the low-end smartwatches PRICE-WISE.


The Apple watch series 7 is now on sale for 400$. Well, 400$ is not an average amount spending on smartwatch shopping. But the amount of value apple smartwatches are giving is worth it.


Moreover, The Apple watch series SE starts from 280$ which still falls on the high-end side, but the Apple watch series 3 is the most affordable on the list. Even though it's a 3-year-old smartwatch, it still has a dozen features and supports every update today.


Whereas Lige watches. They also manufacture quality watch which offers high-end health monitoring features and longer battery life. The flagship model of the Lige watch BW0106, commonly known as IP68, has a price tag of 204$. However, Lige watch IP67 has a price tag of 50$.


Lige watches also come with high-end features such as OLED display and sensors and over 14 days standby battery timing. Making it also a good option on a very limited budget.


Moreover, there is a wide range of choices in Lige smartwatches starting from IP67 2020 (worth 32$) to onwards going to flagship IP68 (worth 204$)


Apple watch vs. Lige watch: Designs.


The Apple watches continuing its legacy of the same design from series 1 back in 2014. Tough, it has made its brand logo design representing by its watch. Although it looks like more of a small computer in your hand, it believes it can be more intelligent than your intel processor. No offence!


Even when you buy the Hermes Edition, which may cost you more than a 1000$, you may still not be pleased with its simple sleeky designs.


But Lige watches have a range of different beautiful and sleeky designs. They have such a vast diversity in designs that even if you a teenager, or a 60 years-old-women. You will still find the best for you in Lige smartwatches.


Apple watch vs. Lige watch: Features.


Apple smartwatch series 7 has the highest possible features. Any other smartwatch can have on earth. Starting from its health-monitoring features and its premium version.


Then, coming up to its camera and the water-proof feature. The water-proof feature is outstanding, and you wear it in your swimming pool and swim under 200ATM pressure, with a watch monitoring your health measurements.


While coming up with the Lige watches, the flagship IP68 has the main difference-making feature of battery timespan. Its standby battery timing of over 14 days making it truly remarkable. Moreover, it's Bluetooth 5.0 gives you the fastest connection.

Moreover, Lige smartwatches also come with health monitoring options, but they don't have a premium version other than that simple basic version.



Apple watch vs. Lige watch: Battery life


The Apple smartwatch series 7 has a battery timing of 18 hours using while all its features are on. This can be good battery life if you charge it overnight every passing night to use it all day long.


But there is one surprising thing in the Lige smartwatch IP68: battery timing of more than 24 hours after being charged 100%. This can be a deal-making thing if you have more mobile accommodations.




Apple watch vs. Lige watch: Which smartwatch should you buy? When compared to the Apple Watch, Lige smartwatches offer more choices for different price ranges, longer battery life, and a complete health monitoring system.


In contrast, shopping for an Apple Watch is less complicated since the three versions that are presently available all have important capabilities like GPS, the watchOS app store, and fitness monitoring. With the Cellular option, iPhone owners will leave their devices behind while still being connected.




There's no argument if you have an Android phone, to be honest. Getting a Lige smartwatch is preferable, but you should read the small print before making the purchase. Not all Lige smartwatches are created equal, so be sure the one you choose has all of the important functions before purchasing it.

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