Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Which Smartwatch will win?

Fit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Which Smartwatch will win? Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch competition has always been a tough shot for smartwatch reviewers and bloggers. I used to think that both are the same watches except for the Brand logo, but that’s not true.


I have been wearing both Fitbit watches, and Lige watches for almost a year. I have experienced and discovered so many features and points of both Fitbit and Lige smartwatches. One thing I would tell you for sure is both watches are not the same.


This blog will tell you some amazing facts and points about Fitbit watches and Lige watches. There are some points where Fitbit smartwatches cross their way from Lige smartwatches, but there are also some points where Lige watches is ahead of Fitbit watches.


Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: History and Current Parental Organization


Fitbit was established as Healthy Metrics Research, Inc. in San Francisco, California, on March 26, 2007, by James Park (CEO) and Eric Friedman (CTO). The business has sold more than 100 million gadgets and has 28 million users. In January 2021, Fitbit was purchased by Google and integrated into its hardware business.


On the other hand, The very first Lige watch made its appearance on the market in April 2013. All Lige watches have been produced by the Guangzhou Lige Watch Co., Ltd. The Lige brand has been registered as a worldwide trademark since July 2017. Shenzhen Kaiser International Trade Co. is the parent company of LIGE.


Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Flagship Models


Fitbit watch vs. Lige watch has always been on my mind whenever you are shopping for a smartwatch. Both of these companies have their dealer maker flagship model.


Fitbit watches have a flagship model named Sense, having a price tag of 299$, where has Lige has IP68 as one of its flagship watch with a price tag of 204$.


Yea, this is because Lige is a Chinese brand and china, being no. 1 number of sellers, is making things CHEAP, whereas Fitbit is a google-owned company. Which Smartwatch will win? After knowing google owns the Fitbit, I guess there is no way that you will prefer Lige smartwatches over Fitbit.


Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Designs


Fitbit smartwatch design vs. Lige watches smartwatch designs! Fitbit designs are more futuristic and modern tech, whereas Lige watches manufacture all types of designs, from futuristic to Classical metal designs.


Lige smartwatches are on the upper end when it comes to designs. Because it manufactures, all types of designs, from the watches with futuristic designs to the watches are designed classical.


But Fitbit smartwatches only has three variant and all of them are sleeky designed.


Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Quality


Quality plays the most important role in buying a new watch. Because the most explicit thing in the watch is its quality then features. So coming up to comparison Fitbit watch vs Lige watch: Which Smartwatch will win in quality.


As Fitbit is manufactured by Google and the quality standard of Google, I don’t have to explain because they produce some of the most premium quality smartwatches. I think that is the reason why Fitbit charge 299$ for its flagship SENSE smartwatch.

The quality of Lige smartwatches is also very good. The classical designs and attention to the small details are cool. But there are some reviews of Lige smartwatches, which don’t make it just awesome. So, Lige lacked in quality.


Fitbit Watch vs. Lige Watch: Features


Fitbit watches and Lige watches have dozens of features giving a tough competition to each other. But there are some loopholes in both brands of smartwatches.


Fitbit watch comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and can be connected to both IOS and android. The best part of it is that It monitors your screen time and show your health care measurements.


Lige watch only can connect to either IOS or android. The unique feature of it is that it comes with a built-in sleep monitoring application. Moreover, It also comes with Heartbeat measurement, blood-pressure measurement and screen time monitoring.

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