About us

A LIGE watch is not only a timepiece; it is a piece of fashion


We have expanded our market to the United States, Canada,the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and other countries. Now we can showcase the world with the "Good value " watch collections fashion and classic, also bring quality and value to the watch.Supremely classic, it charms new generation of watch lovers with its timeless understated perfection.


LIGE Attention to Detail & Quality Material - High hardness mineral glass,

When it comes to a well-made watch, every detail matters.

The all-steel case and mineral glass lens offer strength and durability,

we incorporate Japanese quartz movements into our watches while maintaining the superior quality and performance of the exquisite LIGE watches.


We’ve taken our LIGE watch to standard depths with water resistant materials as a trusted companion for exploration.Resistant to rain and water splashes.

Please do not wear this watch when diving. Also avoids the use of extreme hot or cold temperature.Too much water contact will shorter watch life.


A well-crafted and sensible timepiece for everyone!


Each of our products are carefully selected,which gives you the best products at the lowest price.We expect more and more repeating customers to choose our products,you may be assured.