AUTOMENS Watches Series

The entire design of AUTOMENS Watches is inspired by the dashboard of a luxury car, just like the concept of A6: "Leaders who keep leading the time, all contain an unstoppable passion for progress in their hearts. Just like the newly listed A6, From the inside out, with many high-end equipment upgrades, a powerful luxury lineup is launched. Whether it is the flagship-style "luxury executive version", the passionate "sports option", or other personalized luxury models, they all have more powerful connotations. Today’s luxury cars have established a new high standard.” The AUTOMENS watch series encourage men to learn to grow from setbacks. The road is not always smooth. As long as we deal with it calmly, we can always see beautiful scenery in the end.

AUTOMENS Mechanical Watches

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The car is evolving

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AUTOMENS Watches pay tribute to luxury car elements

Automobile engine-AUTOMENS watch movement

"Everyone sighs miracles, only pioneers create miracles. Bringing innovative technology and exquisite craftsmanship to make a new debut: new V8 engine, quattro full-time four-wheel drive system, ASF aluminum body frame structure, adjustable air suspension system, MMI multimedia interactive system And many luxurious equipment are included, such as solar sunroof, rear massage and ventilation seats, car integrated office system (TV, navigation system, DVD, refrigerator), BOSE 5-way surround sound audio, fingerprint scanning engine start system, ESP Electronic driving stability device, 6-speed tiptronidc automatic/manual integrated gearbox, real-time tire pressure monitoring system, etc. It combines elegance and dynamics with kingly spirit, leading the concept of luxury into a more open realm, not so much this is for you The luxury car made is not as good as a work of art born of you".


Just as the AUTOMENS watch series uses high-quality Japanese automatic movements to bring surging power, the all-steel case and strap of the watch provide you with a comfortable wearing experience.


Car wheels-AUTOMENS watch hands

"Just like the art of pursuing ideals, Audi regards every perfect classic as a starting point for innovation. It not only includes the world's unique quattro full-time four-wheel drive, comfortable and dynamic adjustable air suspension, and highly user-friendly MMI multimedia. A series of leading technologies such as interactive systems, and increase the stiffness of the Audi ASF all-aluminum body frame by 60%, making it more dynamic and safer. There is also an unprecedented dynamic body design with the more powerful new A8 engine. Extraordinary deeds, now all in one, create your supreme ride."


The European designer David of the AUTOMENS watch series perfectly integrates classic car elements into the watch. The hands rotate like wheels. Yes, we realize our value in the limited time of life.

Auto Craft-AUTOMENS Watch Color

"Whoever is full of vitality can know the true meaning of the past in the challenge. From its vibrant and streamlined design; powerful 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter V6 new series engines; revolutionary multitronic continuously variable speed/ Manual integrated transmission; smooth and comfortable all-aluminum front suspension system; a new generation of ESP electronic driving stability device with auxiliary brake system that sets a new standard for safety, and QUATTRO full-time four-wheel drive system that provides super grip. And sideguard side safety air curtain with all-round protection. A car that surpasses the peak in power, safety, design and quality."


The European designer David of the AUTOMENS watch series chooses two classic colors of silver and gold, absorbing the streamlined design method of the body, and adopting the electroplating process of luxury cars. Before leaving the factory, each watch undergoes rigorous anti-drop test and movement waterproof test. Our products strictly control the attitude of pursuing elites that strictly demand themselves.


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AUTOMENS Ⅱ Luxury Mechanical Watch

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AUTOMENS Ⅲ Luxury Mechanical Watch

Mix the passion on the track into the design of the watch


"Life is unpredictable, just like a completely innovative A4 car. In it, you can find the long-lost feeling of passion and enthusiasm, while at the same time calm and calm, with outstanding taste. The A4 car is equipped with a 3.0 or 1.8T new engine. QUATTRO full-time four-wheel drive, MULTITRONIC stepless/manual integrated or TIPTRONIC manual/auto integrated transmission, ESP electronic stabilizer and 4 airbags + 2 side air curtains, establish a new definition of luxury cars with vitality and taste."


The dial of AUTOMENS watch series adopts classic blue. Blue is like the ocean is the origin of life. We hope it can give you vitality to embrace life. Life needs passion to embrace a better future.

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Use automotive machinery technology for watches

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AUTOMENS Ⅳ Luxury Mechanical Watch

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AUTOMENS Ⅴ Luxury Mechanical Watch

Classic square shape, retro and modern fusion is just right

Advocating car culture and related lifestyles, the designer takes retro cars as inspiration

Cars and watches are said to be a natural match, because they both use traditional mechanical craftsmanship, and they also have incredibly complex and detailed procedures. Not only that, but beyond the similarities in craftsmanship and design, the watch also played a very important role in early motorsports due to its timing function.