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Component Sourcing

The secret of creating a great masterpiece lies in the details. With the help of our dedicated supply chain, we will source every component to ensure that your customized OEM watch design becomes a reality. Each and every element will be tailor-made so as to get aligned with your unique design. We partner with high-end suppliers for superior quality to ensure that your watches are of an outstanding class and top-notch precisio.

Original Equipment Manufacturer


lige watch supplier, we manufacture, produce and export watches and watch accessories.


We also pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide to our partners. Our mission is to save your costs, whilst assuring the quality of your products.


We offer a wide range of OEM and ODM services in order to provide you with complete creative and technical control for your designs and requirements.


On our premises of over 2000 square meters, we have our own stainless-steel department with CNC machines, NC machines, automatic drilling machines, common drilling machines, and motors for polishing.


What's more, together with the crystal department and assembly department. In addition to this, we also have our own alloy case department.

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We deliver pre-production drawings that perfectly embody your design concept and size. Or if you need us to draw a watch design drawing based on your requirements also no problem.

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We can add your company logo coat of arms to our existing watch models. Your own logo can be customized on dial, caseback, band, buckle or any other places.

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We have a catalog of designs ready to use. Also, your own design is welcomed. We can make samples or mass production according to your provided samples or designs.


Your trusted partner bringing OEM & ODM watches to new levels.

 Needs Exploration

The OEM & OEM starts with the analysis of your needs. If you are thinking of designing a watch, our innovative design team will have an in-depth conversation with you to discuss your idea, your requirements and your budget.  Even if you just have a rough idea in your head, each member of our team has unparalleled experience in OEM watch design, which includes both OEM women's watch and OEM men watch, and will guide you through the process. They will be able to provide you with popular design trends to get inspiration for the creation of your customized watch.

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Watch Design

A great design is the key to great product. After the creation of the idea, our team of experts will use computer-aided software to come up with 2D and 3D images of your OEM&ODM watch design, so that you are able to view the final product from all angles.

Rapid Watch Prototyping

As a professional OEM and ODM original watch design manufacturer, Lige has a team of professional watch experts to take the design from the sketches to the production stage. Focusing on product innovation, our in-house CNC prototyping machinery and stereo lithography equipment allow us to create a working prototype that represents the exact version of your design. By leveraging this expertise, you will be able to understand the look, feel and operation of your watch design and the design team will have the possibility of correcting any errors at a reduced cost.

Complete end-to-end manufacture of your watch OEM line. From design through to packaging, we take care of every step of the production process, delivering quality products to your specifications using our bespoke, cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

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Custom Made

We have designed and manufactured high end tailor made timepieces for clients all over the world. Custom projects are exclusive to you only. Minimum order quantity 300 pieces.


Packaging plays a big part in any product.  Our watch OEM team of experts are available to discuss packaging options depending on your brand identity, watch style and target market. They will assist you in selection of the proper package design and will customize your OEM watch to align with your needs.

Watch Testing and Inspection

All incoming material and components are carefully tested in our factory. With a strict total quality management system in place and a whole set of testing machines, we ensure all OEM watches including OEM women's watch and OEM men watch comply with our standards before delivery. Before the dispatch of an OEM watch, it is checked for accuracy, reliability and water resistance according to strict company guidelines. Every part, half-finished watch, and the complete watch will be subjected to strict quality inspections of appearance by our IQC/QC/FQC.  Each batch of your custom brand watches will undergo function quality tests such as UV test/twisting force test/abrasion test/push button test/swing test/ burn test etc. Partner with Lige to get high-level quality standards.


Dedicated to the highest standards, Lige selects only the finest materials, sourcing proven quartz and mechanical mechanisms, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for every client. With a 100,000-grade dust-free assembly workshop and on-site fabrication facilities, we offer the complete, end-to-end watch manufacturing solution for clients of all sizes of watch OEM.


To ensure that consumer safety and protection of our client's brand is met, all our watches delivered to Europe are RoHS & REACH Compliant.


Efficient Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facility ensures that we are able to manufacture your customized product in an efficient and timely manner. Strict adherence to quality control is maintained at all levels of the manufacturing process to facilitate the production of a fully customized OEM watch as per your specifications. As one of the mature OEM watch suppliers in China, we will ensure that your needs are met and the top-quality product is delivered without any delays on the basis of the size and time of your order.

Cost-effective OEN / ODM SolutionsFor Your Watch Business

We know that flexibility is the key to diversified markets. Our complete supply chain and in-house production professional design team provide us with the flexibility required to customize watches to minimize the details of your watches. Whether you want to modify our current design or customize a new design, we can produce according to your exact specifications, both internal and external

For Brand Owner 

For Brand Owner 
Flexible Customization 
Consistent Top Quality  
Complete service , from design to after sales support

For Distributors

Compettive Price
Stable Supply Quality
Wide selection of styles for onestop sourcing

For Gift Purchasers

Wholesale Price
Flexible Logo Application
Short Lead Time


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There are two different ways of going about watch manufacturing: ODM and OEM. Understanding the differences between these terms is an important first step to take.

ODM: Original Design Manufacturing.
With this option, you select from an already-existing watch case design from our American Watch catalog. You are able to make a few small modifications to the watch case along with a new dial design and then sell it under your own brand name. Modifications can include things like case colors / finishing, band type, and some limited adjustments to functionality.

The advantage of ODM is that the development is cost effective, delivery timeframes are shorter, and it's quicker to get to mass production. There is also a lower minimum order quantity.

However, there are some drawbacks to this ODM option, such as your watch case may look similar to other brands.

Ultimately, If you're on a tight budget, ODM is a great choice.

OEM: Original Equipement Manufacturing.
This option allows you to create an exclusive watch brand. You can fully design the watch case, dial, hands, band / bracelet, and functionality. Your watches can be set at whatever price you wish. And, American Watch will gladly sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

Similarly, there are drawbacks here too. You have to spend much more on developing the watch including tooling and molds since the idea / design doesn't exist. Minimum order quantities may be higher and there will be longer delivery times for prototyping and mass production

If you have a creative or innovative watch idea, OEM would be a good choice.

Lige Watch can help you decide between the two. Simply click the link below to fill out a form and we'll come back you promptly.


At Lige Watch, we offer private label services to our clients. Private label watches are available in a wide range of styles, movements, materials, finishes, and colors. Each timepiece is designed with the vision of our customer's brand.

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